OpenDroneMap Training

Twomile offers OpenDroneMap training and WebODM training for professional and executive audiences. Twomile’s founder and President Corey Snipes is an ODM user and community contributor. He regularly presents this material to conference and professional audiences.

Corey has given OpenDroneMap training and workshops to the United Nations and International Red Cross / Red Crescent.  Corey works closely with Stephen Mather and Piero Toffanin (ODM founders and core contributors) to prepare training materials. He is a member of the UN OpenGIS ODM Expert Group and a regular instructor at UCANR DroneCamp.

A typical 2-hour session of training and discussion includes:

  • ODM and where it fits within the drone data processing ecosystem
  • Overview of functions and capabilities
  • Discussion of common use cases
  • Walk-through of basic usage and operation
  • In-depth review of 2D and 3D outputs
  • System architecture alternatives
  • Common issues and pitfalls
  • Sources for additional information and assistance

Format and Depth

Training is available remotely or in person, in a variety of formats including:

  • 1-hour session
  • 2-hour session
  • Half-day, full-day, or multi-day with guided hands-on exercises

Typical training and workshop sessions include up to twenty participants. Larger sessions can be supported if coordinated in advance.


The OpenDroneMap community encourages FOSS software, conservation, sustainability, expanding opportunities for the world’s people. Fees for ODM training provide support to the ODM ecosystem directly and indirectly, and may include direct payment, ODM community contributions and donations, and in-kind support.

Commercial organizations using OpenDroneMap in their business operations typically pay the highest training fees. Organizations demonstrating support of the ODM ecosystem receive discounted rates.

All fees are negotiated at the time of engagement. A good ballpark estimate for budget planning is $US 450 per hour of presented material plus travel expenses.

To discuss your OpenDroneMap training needs, contact us today.