architecture drones cleveland


  • Aerial Services for Architecture, Planning, and Urban Development
  • Photo / Video
  • Mapping & GIS
  • 360 Panoramas & Virtual Tours
  • 3D Modeling
  • Reality Capture
  • Photogrammetry / SfM
  • Aerospace R&D


  • Experienced Industry Leaders
  • Safe and Professional
  • Excellent Communication
  • Large Firm Experience
  • FAA Certified (Part 107) for Commercial Operations
  • Fully Insured

Twomile uses UAS/drones for aerial photos and video, 360 panoramas and virtual tours, 3D modeling, photogrammetry, structure-from-motion (SfM) and reality capture services. We specialize in AEC services for urban planning, design, architecture, and development.

Our office is located in Cleveland near the shores of the Cuyahoga River and Lake Erie, and we have a special interest in the interactions of water, land, and people.

Service Details and Examples

Urban development drone


  • High-resolution photos, videos, and 360 panoramas for your company and project stakeholders
  • As-built photo, video, 3D models, and reports for historical reference
  • Geo-rectified 2D and 3D outputs suitable for GIS and CAD
  • 360 panoramas and virtual tours

shoreline map drones


All operations are performed by FAA-certified Part 107 remote pilots, and are fully insured. We ensure safe and legal operations by identifying airspace and ground restrictions within the project vicinity and securing appropriate authorization with the FAA and local law enforcement agencies.

We are industry leaders in the northern Ohio UAS industry. As members and leaders of the North Coast Drone Alliance, we plan and execute community education, mentorship, and STEM development programs in our local community.

coastal monitoring drone

Coastal resilience drone


Most jobs are $250-$500 per site visit, or $1,800-$2,500 per day depending on complexity of the operation. See our pricing page for full details.